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Decorative Animal Statue Figurine Manufacturer & Supplier in India

The TWG Handicraft was founded in early 2000 under the leadership of Mr. Mahesh Agrawal, who is the current CEO of the company. The company has been growing ever since it was founded and has become one of the most well-known companies in its niche market. The TWG Handicraft is a company that specializes in making hand-carved Home Decor Animal Figurines Showpieces and figurines. We have been in the business for over 20 years and are based in Delhi. TWG Handicraft has a wide range of products to offer our customers which made us the biggest Home Decor Animal Figurine Showpiece Factory in Delhi. 

We have Horse Statue, Home Decor Animal Figurine, and also Swan Pair Statue for your home. Our company is known for high-quality Decorative Animal Statue craftsmanship and the attention to detail that it put into every product that they make. As the leading Horse Statue Manufacturer & Wholesaler, TWG Handicrafts is a company that specializes in making various Gift Items for Religious Functions, Indian God Idols, Home Decoration Products, along with Horse statues, Kam Dhenu Cow Statue. We also make the Home Decor Animal Figurine Showpiece, which includes various types of animal figures like horses, swan pairs, peacocks, etc. The idols are made of high-quality materials and they are very detailed, down to every part of it.

How TWG Handicraft Become Biggest Home Decor Animal Figurine Showpiece Factory

TWG Handicraft, based in India, has become the biggest home decor animal figurine showpiece factory in the country. It all started with the launch of our signature product, the Horse Statue, Swan Pair, Home Decor Animal Figurine Showpiece, and Decorative Animal Statue. These products quickly gained popularity, with customers raving about their intricate design and exquisite craftsmanship. Soon after, we released various other Indian God Statues, Gift Items and they became an instant hit. 

The popularity of our all products helped propel TWG Handicraft to the top of the home decor industry. Today, TWG Handicraft has an extensive range of products, from elephant statues to peacock figurines and many more. They have become the go-to source for high-quality, handcrafted animal figurines for home decor. With their dedication to quality and customer service, it's no wonder that TWG Handicraft has become the biggest Decorative Animal Statue Manufacturer & Supplier in the country.

Why TWG Handicraft is Best Horse Statue Manufacturer & Wholesaler in Dehi

TWG Handicraft is the best horse statue manufacturer and wholesaler for your home decor needs. We specialize in creating high-quality, decorative animal figurines that are sure to add a unique touch to your space. All of our horse statues are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and made with durable materials to ensure they last for years to come. Our statues are also offered at unbeatable wholesale prices, making them an affordable yet stylish choice for any budget. Whether you're looking for a sleek, modern design or a more traditional, classic style, you're sure to find the perfect statue here at TWG Handicraft. Plus, our quick shipping and excellent customer service make it easy to find the ideal statue for your home. With TWG Handicraft, you can be sure you're getting the best Swan Pair Statue Manufacturer around.

TWG Handicraft: Decorative Animal Statue Manufacturer & Supplier in India

TWG Handicraft is the biggest Manufacturer and Exporter of Animal Statue Showpiece. We make feng shui Animal statue between 4 inch to 36 inch Height. We are having enormous collection of Animal. You get more than 800 Animal Figurine at one place
Designs & Varieties : We manufacture many unimaginable Animal Statue in various formation such as Romantic Couple Swan Pair Showpiece, Dear Figurine, Small to Large Size Dog and Dog Family Statue, Beautiful Puppies, Antique look Bhagh Family sculpture, Antique look Dear Face, Colorful Kittens, Rabbit Showpiece, Jiraf Figurine, Fengshui Vastu Tortoise, Horse Sculptures, Birds Statues, Parrot Showpiece, Elephant and Elephant Family figurines, Unique Horse Face, Lion Sculptures, Tiger Showpiece, Monkey Statue, Camel Showpiece, Black and White Zebra, Eagle Figurine, Jraf Family, Antique Face of Lion, Jaguar Statue, Panda Showpiece, Beautiful Peacock Sculpture, Professional Dear Family, Taddy Bear Couple and many other hilarious posture of Animal. We also customize the design of animals according to client in bulk quantity orders. 
Raw Material : We use Premium Grade Resin, Best Quality of Marble Powder, Automotive High Grade Paints & Silicon Molds for making Polyresin Animal Statue & For Metal Animal Figurine we use oxidized cast aluminium, white metal, cast zinc alloy. For Export Bulk Orders, we use Export quality raw material as per International Quality Standards.
Order Booking : Wholesale Bulk Orders can also easily booked online through our Animal Statue Ecommerce web Store at Factory Cost. We are also the Leading Wholesale Supplier and Exporter of Animal Sculpture in all over the world. We take bulk orders and supply our Animal Statues all over the india thraugh transpotation as well as export to other countries also.
Packing : Each Animal Idol is placed in 3-5 ply Corrugated Box & empty space is covered by paper filling for Giving shock proof Cushion. And these Boxes are again packed in Strong 5 ply Master Carton for safe transportation. Master carton tie from outside by powerful plastic belt. For export purpose we use Export quality Packing.
Statue Finishes : We give numerous Finish to our Animal Statues e.g. Gold plated Animal Figurine Silver plated Animal Statues, Marble look Baby Monk sculptures, Antique Metalic Finish Animal Showpiece, Jarkan jewellery decorated Animal Showpiece,
Animal Figurine For : Attractive Home Decoration, Office Decoration, Gifting.
No 1 Exporters of Indian Handicraft Animal Figurine Sculptures Showpiece Statue. We are the Largest Manufacturer of Polyresin Animal Statue in Ghaziabad Delhi . Our Products are Horse, Elephant, Deer, Giraffe, Dog, Cow and Calf Statues. More than
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